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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Monday, July 22, 2002

Breakfast, and shopping at Dominicks on a Sunday night

I ate breakfast this morning.

This is highly unusual behavior for me (as is leaving my house just minutes after 8:00am). I can not fully explain it, except to say that I had to have pancakes and eggs - still haven't had my coffee yet however.

I usually shop for groceries at the Treasure Island across the street from me, and usually restrict myself to what will fit in one, or at most two bags so I can just walk them across the street to my home.

As a result, I rarely buy large sizes, and tend to buy just enough food for the next week at the most. For fresh fruit and vegetables, I sometimes buy them at Treasure Island, but lately have taken to shopping at Stanley's, a great fruit and vegetable market just a few minutes from my home.

Why do I mention this? Well last night, I did something different. I shopped at Dominicks - it has been years since I have. Dominicks is associated in my mind with shopping with my mom while growing up, it was where we did most of our grocery shopping.

I am not a big supermarket type of guy anymore I guess - I found shopping last night vaguely irritating.

Mostly, because of the "Fresh Values" card - the whole concept irritates me - that in return for tracking my every purchase, they will give me the sales - but if I refuse to let them track me, I can not take advantage of any of their (to be fair, rather substantial at times) sale prices.

Very irritating actually. Truthfully a large reason why I no longer shop at Dominicks or Jewel - I refuse to have my every action tracked when deciding brands of mayo or hot dogs - and the lack of easily useable sales is annoying.

As was the multiple aisles with water dripping from the ceiling (not a real appitizing site I must say). Or some (but not all) of the people who were shopping with me on a Sunday night - many were regular folks, even some cute woman (they do say that people in fact do meet in the produce section - but I would avoid the produce section late on a Sunday night - not the freshest of fruits) - but many were a bit "peculiar".

Anyway, I managed to avoid getting soaked by falling water, and navigated my way through the maze of sale items to find reasonably priced items to buy for my home - and for some reason I was on a breakfast tear.

So, I bought brown eggs, a large package of frozen sausages, pancake mix, a replacement 100% pure maple syrup (as I knew I was running low) and this morning I had myself a small, very tasty breakfast.

Two eggs, over easy. Three sausage patties. And four pancakes. Prepared with only a touch of butter for the eggs and pancakes (non-stick pans rock).

Very tasty.

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