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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Fireworks, part 2 - plan changes

Quick note - the current plan for this evening (if anyone reading this will be joining me at the fireworks tonight in Chicago) - is to meet at the North Lion in front of the Art Institute at 6:00 (or at the restaurant across the street in case of rain) - from there we will go to stake out a space in the lawn for the concerts and fireworks. At the moment there between 8 and 10 people expected at 6:00 and at least a couple others who will be joining us later in the evening.

Should be fun - not perfect weather (but that is rare in Chicago) but sounds like a good mix of people - and what's bad about a picnic, live concert, and massive fireworks (okay, so the million or so other people who are also going to be there could be seen as bad... but I am perhaps strange in that I actually usually enjoy being in a large crowd - perhaps because I view it as a living maze to be navigated.)

Tomorrow, the actual 4th, I do not currently have any plans. I am however, considering the following options.

First - returning to the Taste of Chicago for the live afternoon concert in the park, which sounds like it will be fun (Midnight Oil and at least two other groups) - free!

Second - more probable - go and see one of the many movies (or more than one) that are out at present that I have not yet seen - seems like a good afternoon for it - AC, and a chance at an afternoon matinee - however there will be a lot of people with the same idea I suspect - and I do not currently have people to go to the movies with.

I really want to see MIB II, however I also would prefer to see it with friends - next weekend (not this upcoming one, the one after that) I will be seeing at least one movie with friends - a toss up between MIB II and Reign of Fire (I would really like to see both - which may happen if we go crazy...)

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