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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The Mail

An ongoing saga for me at the moment is mail. Or more specifically the lack of mail.

My office has gotten a TOTAL of 4 pieces of mail in the past 6 days (not counting Sunday). Other's on our floor have gotten just a tad more.

At home, I have gotten about 4 pieces in the past our days.

Is this universal? Have all the competent mail carriers and mail sorters taken vacations the same week? Or just bad luck and the Chicago post office finally catching up with me?

In either case it is contributing to the odd feeling of being slightly cut off, and not quite entirely there that I have felt for the past few days. I love mail. It is one of the minor pleasures of my day to open my mailbox at home and see what has arrived that day, or to get the pile from my mail carrier here at the office and sort it.

Yes, as the president of my own (but small) firm - I probably shouldn't get that excited about sorting the mail - but it is a simple, quick moment that brings me pleasure.

Also, the more quickly I open and deal with the mail, the much higher the probability that stuff that needs to be dealt with is dealt with - when I file mail away or more accurately stick it into a big pile to "be looked at later" later comes much much later indeed - usually long after what ever the mail was about has been over and done.

Not dissimmerly with my emails, if I don't respond to them almost as they arrive - they often disappear in the depths of my mailbox, rarely to resurface to be looked at again.

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