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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

"No fighting in the war room"

Chicago is a town full of great romantic things to do - unfortunately I tend to do them alone, but they can still be enjoyable.

Last night, I went to the showing of Dr. Stangelove in Grant Park. Almost 10,000 people, perhaps more were there, most on picnic dates. The atmosphere was good for a date - the field in Grant Park, the city of Chicago skyline alit in the background, and a great movie showing in front of you.

The police were very polite - requiring people to avoid having open grills and pets, but turning a blind eye to the many people with bottles of wine to accompany their picnic meals. Couples curled up together on the many picnic blankets, with many on double or triple dates - but many too just there together two-by-two.

I was not, however, the only person there alone, or "just with friends" there were plenty of us there as well.

The cell phones everyone had made for many an amusing conversation - people shouting "I'm wearing a green jacket and waving - where are you?" I loaned my cell phone to one woman, who, just as she managed to get the number she was dialling right - was shouted to by her friends standing about 30 feet away - it was that sort of atmosphere.

The crowd was a great mix of Chicago, young and old (though most college aged and above, only a few kids in attendance, too late on a weeknight I think for kids really), all races and classes - people clearly still in their business suits having come directly from work and punks in all black. In short, a reminder of why I love living in a city.

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