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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Editing, (editors?), and selling

So, I just fixed a typo in my last post.

Is that wrong? I pride myself on my editorial abilities - my skill at grammer (though not specifically at spelling).

On the other hand, it seems somewhat like cheating to edit a post once published - something like rewriting the past.

Last night while briefly (really) channel surfing I saw a portion of an A&E Biography special on Hugh Hefner which showed a very cool side of him which I was not previously aware of. He has kept a scrapbook of his life since he was very young - now into the thousands of bound volumes.

Some day in the future, I image that that archive will be an amazing resource and scrapbook of the life of one our centuries most intensely lived lives. If I could I would love to take a look over it.

Before any dirty thoughts (*grin*) - and not for the photos... really. I admire Hugh Hefner for the business he built and the philosophy behind it. I'm not, in fact, all that attracted by most woman who seem (at least these past years) to be associated with Playboy - my tastes do not run towards blonds, large (enhanced) breasts, and ditzy woman. I much prefer non-blonds, highly intelligent, low makeup quantities. In short, the type of woman rarely wearing high heels and usually with short fingernails - much more my type.

So, to get back to my initial subject. Should I edit my logs? I think that fixing a typo is benign - but where does that stop?

Something for me to think about.

I spent this morning and afternoon in full on selling mode - pitching myself and my company to various people at a business networking event, trying to pitch while not being too eager and not too agressive - quite a challenge. I hope I met will - will see as I follow up over the next few days and weeks.

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