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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Friday, August 16, 2002

The lights

no camera and no action, sorry

In 15 minutes my office will be dark. No power to anything.

Thankfully I have friends with webservers - so my systems will keep on humming (getting mail, serving up webpages, serving up auction images) but I will have no phone and can not work in the space I pay rent to work in (no lights...)

Somewhat annoying.

Further, we've spent over 10 hours on the phone these past few days trying to get Ameritech's DSL to work with my server (Linux server - how uncommon can this possibly be???)

What's annoying is that when we are connected through the linux server we are neither fully down nor fully up - instead, parts of the web can reach us and parts cannot, and similiarly I can get to some web pages (but not others) - in fact I was able to get to some pages of a google search results, but not all pages... very strange and very annoying.

Technically this is all because Ameritech is using "PPPoE" a very stupid protocal that does nothing good (basically though they argue this point), but does one very very bad thing - it changes how the building blocks of communication between computers work in a way that not all servers and not all routers can handle cleanly (to be more previse it adds a few bits to the packets, making the content portions a bit smaller... causing some systems to just seemingly drop all traffic...)

So, the lights will go shortly - and there will be no action, when, much later tonight the lights come back I will still not have the action I am looking for (okay - that's suggestive, probably too much so...) - so a long weekend and week ahead of me.

I may spend the weekend organizing Playboy's (selling off a collection of them for a collector on eBay - all 1970's and 60's in this batch)

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