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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Friday, August 02, 2002

Power. Com Ed: 1. Shannon: 0

Well as of 8:00pm this evening (or just after) the power to my entire office building was suddenly cut. This means I have no phones, no website, and no email - not to mention that any auctions I was running on eBay would have no images (or the ones that just ended have no images), that clients who might contact cannot, and that my equipment - all of which was on may have been damaged during the power loss, or may be damaged when power is restored (hopefully early tomorrow morning).

Additionally - upon the power outage we discovered that all of the emergancy lights and exit signs in my building do not function - not a one.

To top it all, the people from Com Ed claim that the buildings in the area that would be affected should have been contacted - however I recieved no communications (nor did anyone else in my building) from either Com Ed or my landlord (who will be getting all kinds of messages from me shortly).

So, if you need to reach me - wait until late in the day Saturday, call me on my cell phone, or call me at home.

And for at 6 hours - perhaps more, I am essentially without a company that I have worked for over two years to build - gone with three cuts to power cables!

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