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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Monday, August 12, 2002

So okay, am I getting older, or is it a real trend?

Sunday was my building's annual Summer Party out on the patio of our building. Usually lots of people, lots of free food (well paid for by my assesments), a barbeque, and a chance to meet my neighbors.

I arrived late, so perhaps I missed much of the crowd - but 4:00pm was a bit early for dinner in any case. I arrive around 6:30, still not all that late.

But everyone seems old.

Really old - at the table I sat down there was a man with a World War vetern's shirt on, WWII I think, but still - over 70!

Mostly the crowd were in their 40's, perhaps even in their 50's with some in their late 30's. Or so they looked to me.

Perhaps the young people in the building did not attend, or perhaps they did and had left by when I was there, but it was a far different crowd than in years past.

Further, I heard later Sunday that they shut down at 8:30pm, most years people have hung out until late into the evening drinking wine and talking - one year the talking continued back at one guy's apartment.

So, my question for myself is am I getting older along with the building? I'm only 28 - I should not "feel old" but at times I am beginning to, a very odd sensation. Though in my building at least, I am young still.

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