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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Monday, September 16, 2002

LIARS CLUB - The Movie - Opens September 13, 2002

Okay. Too close to home. Way, way way way too close to home.

Written by members of my class at the University of Chicago! (the background says they "met on the basketball courts at the University of Chicago in 1991" so if not specifically members of my class (supposed to have been 1995), then at least fellow students there at the same time, here is a feature film that they have written, starred in and gotten made.

And, to make it still worse, it could easily be the story of my life.


Billy Longman (Johnny Clark) is not a loser, it's just that he doesn't have much experience with the opposite sex. After all, most of the girls in college weren't interested in dating a sixteen year-old child prodigy. Even after college, Billy never seemed to find the right girl for him. All of that changed when Billy met Karen (Amy Jo Johnson), a beautiful young medical student. Unfortunately, Billy takes two years to find the right moment to tell Karen how he feels. When he finally does, he's crushed to learn that she doesn't feel the same way about him. Broken-hearted, Billy looks for "help" from his three best friends; Kevin (Bob Marley), the misogynist from Boston; Brad (Jason Shaw), the trust-fund baby who NEVER has any romance problems; and Jimmy (John McDermott), the struggling improvisational actor who's even more pitiful with women than Billy. Despite their best efforts, Billy's luck doesn't change much. Things get even worse when dorky Jimmy stumbles upon Mae (Elisa Donovan), the love of his life, leaving Billy to face the world of dating with only Kevin and Brad as his guides. Will Brad and Kevin convince Billy to forgo his ideals and join them as frequent patrons of the Liars Club? Or will Billy follow his heart and find a new way to win Karen's love?

Liars Club was an official selection of the 2001 Rhode Island International Film Festival, where director Bruce Cacho-Negrete took first place honors in the "Best Directorial Debut" category.

Truly scary. On the one hand, I'll probably enjoy the film. On the other hand, it will almost certainly make me doubly depressed - not just because I suspect the main character reaches a happier ending than my life has to date, but also that classmates of mine have managed to write and get made a feature film...

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