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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Collaboration - a real example (posted to Ecademy blog)

I posted the following to Ecademy

This weekend I was working with a friend to help her finish her PhD dissertation (she is defending it Tuesday!).

The first way we collaborated was simple email - she send me document(s), I read them over, edited them, and sent her back my notes/changes/updates.

We also played the voicemail tag game - her office has very poor cell reception - and no landline (academic office - no "real" phone near her office, at least the one with her computer) - so all afternoon and evening we have left voicemails for each other, or have been able to talk, but not when we both were in front of a computer.

So, I suggested that we try using Yahoo! Messanger (since I have that open, and I recalled that she had an account as well) - however, first we exchanged a series of emails to get from her to me her Yahoo! account name. Then, once I had added the correct account name - I tried sending her a message - but she then emailed "having problems with Yahoo..."

Not sure what the problems are - but the underlying point is that though all this technology is available - sometime the "old" methods of emails and phone calls work just fine - albiet a bit slower than IM might be.

So, we have ended up doing all of this via a large series of rapidly sent/replied emails - modifying the subject lines as neede - crude but workable. Probably the most emails I have ever exchanged with one person in a matter of hours (over 50 I think).

My point is that you adapt to what is workable - and though there are many alternatives - often the simplest (but with a structure imposed) solutions are the best.

We adopted a one-editor philosophy, she would inform me of changes to make, I made them in the text, and then confirmed with her what I had done - this resulted in one edited final document, a clear trace of what was done (and why), and the final document has now been sent to her for further editing (passed off the editor's role)

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