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by Shannon Clark

Thursday, November 07, 2002

DSL horrors

or why my site, my email, and my company basically have been off line for 24+ hours and appear likely to be offline for another 24+

Ameritech/SBC/Yahoo! DSL is currently suffering a major outage in Chicago.

Most annoyingly, this is an outage most painfully felt by their business users, specifically those business users who have static IP address (i.e. those of us paying probably the highest rates) - and most of us paying far more than just our DSL rates to SBC every month (indeed they are one of my largest expenses each month unfortunately).

For this, I get poor to medicore service when I make the simple, basic request that the service that I am paying for, in fact, be provided!

As of 8:45pm last night (Nov 6th) my DSL went out. At the moment it is up for use via dhcp, but that leave me without the static IPs that I have paid for - which means that my mail server (most crucially), my web servers, and my development servers are all unavailable.

Further, if I configure my server (for example) to work at present, it will not when they do in fact fix the service.

I have called them at this point almost 7 or 8 times since last night and for most of that time got a basic run around and promises that "it will be fixed soon/in 2-4 hours/by this afternoon at the latest etc"

So, what happens most recently? I called back after dinner, hoping that they would have some good news for me - that finally it will have been given to the actual techs in the actual field who can make the simple changes to their router that would solve my problems (specifically moving me from what must be a royally busted router to one that is correctly configured).

I learned that these techs had all gone home for the evening (so much for 24/7 support) and that the earliest that I could get connected to them would be 8:00am tomorrow morning. It has also been hinted that they may not infact get around to even looking at it until 24 hours after my ticket was submitted (i.e. around 5-6pm tomorrow evening) - how long after that before they in fact fix it... who knows.

Highly annoying, I've blabbed about this at Ecademy as well. if you want to see more of the same.

In any case if you have been trying to reach me today - please, please resend your email should they get returned as bouncing - and I will respond to everyone when I, in fact, get my mail finally.

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