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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

on work vs posting

or why I go so long between posts sometimes

Good news - my company is busy at the moment.

Bad news - am not quite busy enough - still have to work on closing some additional deals besides working on the ones that we have already closed.

Good news - I'm back home for the moment.

Bad news - this means early mornings, late nights, not much else for me and this may be my last post here for a while.

Good news - when I finally get paid for all of this work I should be much more comfortable in my personal life.

Bad news - this will probably be after the holidays, so my gift giving this year will be remarkably small and simple for the most part.

In any case - back to work so I can earn (if not the "big bucks" at least some bucks...)

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