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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Monday, February 17, 2003

On the breaking of expectations

or how a mailing list breakdown is really irritating me this morning

Sometime last week, I think it was Wednesday or Thursday (but as you will see figuring that out is actually not so easy) I started to notice that I was not recieving all of the message to one of the many mailing lists to which I belong. I noticed this because I was getting replies to a message I had not read.

I sorted and searched and reorganized the messages, looked at my deleted messages to check, but nope, I had not gotten the message at all.

So, I looked at Yahoo! (http://groups.yahoo.com) and discovered, yup - the message that I had not seen was indeed in the archives. So I read it there.

Then I started counting - and noticed that I had missed a couple of other messages.

So I posted a note to the group about this, which I then did not get a copy of myself.

And so it began.

I attempted to contact Yahoo! customer support - via their less than useful help system - sending in two different but reports.

A day later I got a reply to one of them - asking me for more information which I sent to them.

A day after that, I got a request from them to complete a customer support survey - I did, giving them terrible marks as the problem was still unresolved.

And then came this weekend - in just one group to which I belong, 100 messages were sent out this weekend.

I got 52 of them!

I started checking, while last week it had not appeared that any of my other groups were effected - now it appears that ALL of my groups are effected, in that most of them there has been at least one, sometimes more than one, message that I did not recieve over the weekend.

The most puzzling, one of the groups to which I subscribe I subscribe via digest. In the digest from this weekend (2/16/2003 to be exact) the digest shows ONE message.

The archives show TWO messages, the one I saw in the digest, and importantly a REPLY to that very message.

So, if you have had any problems with Yahoo! Groups this weekend - could you please both contact Yahoo! Groups, and drop me a line about it.

I tried, in a minor way, to "pull rank" - I've contacted a friend of mine who is a Yahoo! executive - a few years ago he and I had a great conversation and discussion about Yahoo! Groups - so I hope he is interested in hearing about this problem that now seems to plaguing Yahoo! Groups.

So, to return to my subject - I have been irritated all day, and I realize it is because I am no longer getting ALL of the messages that I expect to get.

You see, I archive group messages into different folders - and then from time to time I catch up on a given group. This works very well and is part of how I am able to participate and monitor so many different groups. But now that I can no longer trust that my email account has indeed gotten all of the messages that should have been sent to it - I am finding myself wondering what else am I / have I missed!

I get close to 250 emails a day (to just my main business account) - not being able to trust that I am getting all of the messages that have been sent to me is a very disheartening thing.

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