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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Bridges and steelworkers
or small sights in the big city

Today has been an odd day. The weather is a bit chilly and the air feels heavy with impending rain, though so far at least, the rain has not arrived.

On my morning bus ride into the Loop for a business meeting, the bus I was on was rerouted, the street ahead of us was closed to traffic. As we approached, I saw why, the bridge, one of the many drawbridges ringing Chicago's Loop was up.

The bus rerouted to a nearby street and crossed on an adjacent bridge, we then turned and returned to the regular route. As we turned, I saw a very unusual sight, the underside of one half of the bridge.

For, you see, just the one half was up in the air, the other half was still lowered across the river. So, unlike a normal bridge opening, when one half blocks your view of the other, this morning I got to see the underbelly of the bridge. A very interesting sight indeed to start the day.

Then, as I entered the offices where my business meeting was, I saw another very unusual and cool sight. Across the street was a high rise building in the midst of being built. This morning, perched on huge steel girders, at nearly the height of the offices I was enterering, were steelworkers rather casually smoking and sitting on the girders taking a short break from their day's labors.

It was nearly exactly like a photo from the early part of the last century, two steelworkers straddling mighty girders perched high above the street. It looked much like a very famous photo I have seen of the building of the Empire State building.

All in all a rather interesting start to the day, and a strong arguement to myself that very soon I need to get a digital camera which I can carry with me at all times to capture such moments.

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