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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Flowers on the table
or what you can do in one very busy evening

My kitchen is clean.

Okay, that's actually a bit of an understatement, not only is my kitchen clean, it is possibly in the best state it has ever been in the entire time I have lived in my condo.

Last night I accomplished the following:

  • Did all my dishes and put them away

  • Scrubbed floor and all counter surfaces, and santitized them

  • Transformed bookcase from being a hazard in my bedroom into shelving in my kitchen

  • Removed all misc. bags, boxes etc and cleaned my kitchen table

  • Cleaned all surfaces, including the top of my refrigerator, doors, walls etc.

  • Took frequently used food and cooking items out of random places and onto shelves on bookcase!

In short, I have nearly the kitchen that I want, now I have just smaller little tasks to do to make it perfect.

  • Replace some burnt out lightbulbs above sink

  • Add papertowel holder, probably mounted someplace near sink

  • Sort through all current kitchen items, throw out or donate unneeded items

  • Replenish long term supplies, especially spices

  • Get appliances repaired (leak in dishwasher, small annoyances with stove, possible cooling problem with fridge)

  • Remove or coverup really ugly wall paper

  • Replace cabinet fixings (hinges and handles) with more modern look

I'm sure as the summer continues I'll think of other items which I need, but I now have a great starting point.

Last night I also cleaned my dining room table, removed the leaf from the table to bring it back to a more useable scale for my living room, set up my chess table in a place where it may actually get used, dusted my living room, put up shelves on another bookcase to store the books previously in my bedroom, cleaned in my bedroom as a result of moving the books, and found some items buried away in my closet. I also bought some wine for tonight's dinner.

Tonight I'll have a guest over for dinner, this morning I bought flowers at the farmer's market, they are now on the dining room table. I also bought a loaf of bread fresh from the oven, and some ingrediants for our salad. On my way home this evening I'll pick up some candles and probably pick up a meat dish (though I may wait until she joins me and together we'll buy something from the grocery store across the street).

It feelds amazing to have my home in shape to have a guest over for dinner, I suspect I'll being doing this more and more often.

My next project is my living room, I have finished for the most part with my dining area, though there are some small further things that I want to do. Next I will be moving one of my big bookcases across the room, building (or buying) a tv/stereo stand, dealing with the still too large pile of unsorted boxes of papers and other items, putting together the chair currently in pieces, and dealing with my current futon (I've seen identical ones available now for about $100 - might be the way to go until I can get the couch I really want...)

With the living room finished, I'll turn to three other major projects. My bedroom and the at least one too many desks which I have in there at the moment (can I transform one of them into clothing storage? This thought just occured to me, possibly one of them with the right boxes/shelf storage devices might work for storing much of my clothes!). My closets, both getting rid of the hangers which keep multipliying, getting rid of clothes which no longer fix and I no longer wear (or would want to wear), and organizing the storage spaces in them. This includes my linen closet in the bathroom, my two clothing closets in the hall and in my bedroom, and the "misc" closet in my front hall - the later being the biggest project of them all. The third project is related to the second, it is going through the contents of my front hall closet, paring them down where possible, and making them useful - i.e. getting my golf items available, my photographic items available, my bike repaired and stored effectively, the many unneeded boxes, broken items etc thrown away (or donated) and shelves installed and put together.

Then when the dust literally settles, I'll take out of storage my art items and display them!

It is looking very possible by the end of the summer.

(I have to thank Bravo for the show which I watched much of last night, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" - lots of fun and somehow inspiring as I cleaned. It features five gay men transforming one straight man - improving his grooming, his fashion, his cooking, and his living area - with rather phenomenal transformations all done in a single day! Lots of fun, great banter, and good inspiration as I was cleaning and transforming my home.)

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