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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Somethings make more sense now
still cryptic I'm afraid, bear with me

Today I read a lot of articles online, some of it (well most of it) was for work, but some of it was periodic breaks to relax.

After last weekend, articles which would have been somewhat theoretical and even nonsensical suddenly seemed more real and relevant.

I like this.

Especially a short article I read which seems in part to mirror my own life, in a way unimaginable just a week ago (well a bit longer than a week ago to be very precise). I am still productive at work, though not perhaps as productive as I would otherwise be, but to, I have no complaints.

I hope this lasts. I think it will.

I find myself smiling and apparently I also nod my head up and down, not vigorously mind you, just slightly. I have little butterflies in my stomach, "beautiful ones" however I'm sure. I'm certain that this is not how I'll be forever, but for now it is not just how I am, but how I want to be.

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