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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Travel, worldcons, and oddities
So, this morning my girlfriend (yes, read that right) emailed me that there are some really amazing rates to Toronto ($120/person $140/person taxes included (base rate was $99) for a round trip on AA), would I like to go with her over Labor Day weekend?

When we finally connected (my cell phone wasn't working for time) we weren't able to get the best dates to travel (Saturday morning, back on Labor Day) but were able to get pretty good - Saturday afternoon, back early morning Tuesday.

So, we decided to go.

I then went online and looked at hotels, lots of options but all around a few hundred for the three nights, and many that were inexpensive were somewhat questionable. So, I checked what I could get for airline miles on American. Turns out I could get a 4 star hotel for the three nights we needed and would only have to pay a $25 late booking fee.

Pretty good so far, so I did it.

Then, I decided to check out TorCon's website and see where it was and how far away it was from our hotel etc. Turns out I managed to book two rooms in the party hotel for TorCon. This does mean I want to make sure we're not on the first or second floors...

But, in a sign of just how cool my girlfriend is, she's not unhappy that we're going to be staying there, though I want to spend most of my vacation with her relaxing and exploring Toronto, I might try to get to some of the convention. One friend has mentioned that he might have to memberships, if he can't find a buyer for them, perhaps I'll buy them from him (or if my karma's really good he won't charge me much...). In any case, if you are reading this, planning on being in Toronto for TorCon, and might want to meet up for Lunch or Dinner Sat, Sun, or Monday (dinner only Sat) I'll be around.

In any case, even if I don't make it to the convention itself, which I suspect I might not, I will be there, in a different city for a real vacation - something I haven't had for quite a while, Wiscon over Memorial Day only somewhat counting as a vacation - though it was and is a great time.

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