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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Friday, October 24, 2003

New system
or what's a little new technology amongst friends...

So, having heard yesterday that my new laptop was being held at customs, having been built in China, I didn't expect to get it until next week if I was lucky.

However, this morning when I went downstairs to pick up my mail, there was a nice little note from the package room for my building that I had a package, and sure enough, it was my new laptop.

I have been setting it up all afternoon, not difficult at all and very cool in many ways. Very light, long battery life, large screen.

The only problems, which are minor at the moment - are I need to get a copy of my invoice (which I thought would be with the shipped product but was not), I think they shipped the wrong battery type, and I may have been charged more than I should have been. (but not by all that much). The good news is that they have a price protection, but the bad news is that they appear to have changed the model from when I ordered it to now - and now it is configured with the smaller battery. So, they have my call logged and will call me back, probably on Monday.

But other than that, it appears to be a great system. Best case, I manage to talk them into giving me a 9 volt battery, and let me keep the 6 volt (I had planned in any case on eventually buying a new battery)

Or alternatively, they may give me the same discounts on the new price, which would mean a refund of essentially the cost of the bigger battery. We'll see on Monday.

And I have to decide fairly soon whether to buy MS Office, or make due with the copy of Lotus SmartSuite that will be coming my way soon (included with the laptop).

But the big news is I now have a new laptop, with WIFI, and can start being productive outside of my house!

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