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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Travel plans to NYC
So earlier this week my girlfriend found herself having to go to NYC on very short notice, she left this afternoon.

I leave tomorrow, late afternoon, we both return on Sunday. We're staying for the first part of the trip downtown, apparently with a view of Ground Zero, but that's where her office and the training she is attending is taking place. We'll be there thru Friday, but Saturday night we're staying by Union Square at a much, much nicer place (using up a free night certificate...)

Friday I hope to have a number of meetings, at the moment I am planning lunch and the afternoon with a former client to explore how we might work together again - mostly in a consulting capacity, but potentially doing some software/web development for him as well. Later that afternoon I'll be meeting with a contact of mine from a few months back (more on this later - not sure of the protocal of name dropping always, but he is a fairly notable "a-list" blogger).

However, my morning - breakfast and until noon or so is still open at the moment. If you are reading this, are in NYC, and would like to meet up, drop me a line and lets set something up. (via my email which I assume you have, if you do not, contact me on Ryze.com)

Friday night we'll go someplace, not sure where yet, but someplace good and fun - if we get ambitious perhaps try a Thai place I've read about many times (but is outside of Manhattan, we may decide it is too cold to go all the way out there etc). Saturday we'll probably explore NYC a bit, see what's changed since I was last there and check out some of the many stores unique to NYC. Saturday for lunch we might try a place I've read about Ada which appears interesting, or may try Amma which my sister suggests (not sure if they serve lunch however) or we may just go to Koreantown or Chinatown for something. Saturday night we'll probably have dinner with my sister. On Sunday we're going to try brunch somewhere, probably Five Points, and then it is off to the airport and back home...

Anyway, so the rest of tonight I have to send out a lot of emails, catch up on my reading, pack for my trip, do some laundry (so I can pack), make dinner to use as much of my food as possible (so it doesn't spoil) or freeze some of it, clean my condo, and do all this in time to get up for a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30.

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