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Monday, April 12, 2004

Avalanche - corporate co-op for technology

Interesting article in the April 12th Wall Street journal about this group, a co-op formed by a number of very large corporations for join ownership of technology IP. Each member will pay a yearly fee (the article cited $30k/year, and can contribute existing technology IP (or I guess other IP).

In return all members have full license to use ALL IP donated to the cooperative. The idea being that the cooperative could also arrange for the development of core business applications and tools, with the costs and risks shared by all of the members, eventually potentially including products to compete with Windows and Office perhaps.

I like the overall model and I think it warrents further study and attention. I will also probably try to get someone from the co-op to attend MeshForum which afterall is about "Connecting Networks", of which a corporate owned Co-op may be one of the more interesting models of a network I have encountered in quite a while.

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