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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Gmail, MeshForum and other items of note
So, I have been invited (as a blogger user) to try Gmail - and I will start testing it shortly - looking forward to it. Shannon.Clark at gmail.com if you want to send me something.

That said, I am having some problems getting into it, perhaps they have expanded the trial a bit past the breaking point?

Anyway, that is not, by any means, the biggest news. Rather the big news for me at the moment on a business front is the progress that MeshForum is making. We have set the date - Oct 10-13th. The place: here in Chicago, almost certainly at a very cool and creative corporate meeting space in Chicago's west loop.

We are starting to get speakers to commit and agree to come and speak. More on that in a few days and in upcoming weeks as we confirm all the details and start to make announcements.

So, if you would like attend MeshForum you have a few options:

- Sponsor MeshForum (sponsorships are available starting at $5000, which includes one person from your organization, perhaps you, attending MeshForum and sponsors two people not from your organization to attend and participate. Sponsorships at greater levels are available, they will allow for more people from your organization, as well as pay for more people not from your organization. At some levels it will also include prominent placement on the MeshForum website and marketing materials, as well as many other benefits - contact me for more details

- Get invited by a sponsor of MeshForum - find us a sponsor, get them to invite you. :)

- Get invited by another attendee (and paid for). If you like, you can invite them as well - i.e. any group of people can invite each other, sign up together and pay for each other.

Yes, this is, itself, an exercise in networking.

The first 50 attendees can pay for each other at the rate of $1500/person, which includes reception and dinner on Sunday, all meals on Monday and Tuesday and breakfast (and probably lunch) on Wednesday. More importantly than the food, however, it includes 4 days of networking and learning with experts on Networks After the first 50 attendees, prices will be going up to $2000, and will likely go up to $2500 after the first 100 attendees.

Of course, contact me for more details and how to pay etc.

Suggestions are very welcome - contact me or comment here if you have any (and feel free to comment on MeshForum about anything we have posted there, we're very open to feedback and suggesitons - we'll be making a lot of announcements in the upcoming weeks and months, join the updates mailing list there to make sure you get them.

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