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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Boing Boing: Conference schwag goldmine
Boing Boing: Conference schwag goldmine

BoingBoing links to a photo gallery of shwag from the BIO conference. Nice stuff, but no match (at all) to what the MetaMorphosis conference offered up last month.

Short list:

- Radio controlled miniture car (three models from Siemans - not as prize, just for anyone who asked)

- Juggling balls - set of three

- CD Case, USB powered light, AND USB 4 port spilter - in one box, for the asking from Peoplesoft

- LED light from Niku, but they were also giving out small bags/backpacks

- Very nice baseball caps

- Polo golf shirt for all conference attendees

- Multiple t-shirts, including a really cool one from SMART (more on this in a later post, they deserve a little link love)

- Blackberry gave out multiple colors of soft cloths for cleaning electronic screen surfaces - very useful, grabbed one for me and one for my girlfriend

- A wide variety of extremely nice pens

- Perhaps the best item of all, a three button, wheeled, PORTABLE mouse (either USB or mouse port), with a mouse cord on a retractable holder.

As well, a couple of calculators and a CLOCK RADIO.

Get the picture.... all amazing, cool stuff - and these weren't the prizes for contests, they were the Shwag.

Contest prizes at booths you ask?

- Leather jackets from Harley Davidson (a customer of nVisia who was exhibiting)

- a deluxe gas grill with all the trimmings (from MetaGroup), also had other very nice smaller prizes

- multiple iPods, including one booth that a few times a day randomly gave out iPods to someone walking by wearing a pin they were handing out earlier.

All in all probably the best, highest end "shwag" I've ever personally seen. There were also various notepads, umbrellas (full golf-sized umbrellas from Novell), portfolios etc, the list is really amazingly large.

Still doesn't top, however, the shwag I once got from Oracle for attending a small meeting - that was a leather bound notebook which I still to this day use - exactly the right size and shape to carry around and use on a regular basis (though the refills are about $12 each)

I have also heard of shows with even better shwag. A conference a friend recently attended gave a brand new iPaq (a model not yet released no less) to EVERY attendee, pre-loaded with the conference schedule and all attendee bios (nothing was printed out, but a $600+ iPaq at a conference that cost $1700 isn't anything to complain about.

I personally think it is a sign that the economy is starting to pick up and that carefully qualified conferences are beginning to be seen as valuable again. Lessons I will keep in mind when working with sponsors about MeshForum this Oct 10-13th

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