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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Democrats' Losses Go Far Beyond One Defeat
Democrats' Losses Go Far Beyond One Defeat

Especially take a look at the "Document" linked on the right of this article - it is a 1 mb PDF image of the breakdown of the election results by country nationwide.

A few positives.

1. I will go out on a limb - Mississippi is WINABLE by Democrats - take a look at how many blue counties are there in the heart of the south.

2. Maryland may also be winable, though the blue counties are clustered around the very democratic DC area.

3. Arkansas is also possibly winable.

4. New Mexico looks very competitive, evenly split.

5. Colorado could be won.

6. South Dakota, though more data is needed, might be swingable back to the Democrats (which could also be a route to look at for the senate - small population state, but still has 2 senators like any other state).

7. Nevada appears to be "Las Vegas" vs. the rest of the state (Las Vegas being democratic, the rest of the state red)

8. It appears that being near water TENDS to be an indicator for being Democratic, but this may better be understood as Urban areas tend to be Democratic - note that most of the Mississippi river area through the heart of the red states went Democratic (Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisianna)

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