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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My comments on what we should do next
From my comments to David Weinberger:

Mid-term elections - plus any interim elections next year - could be the difference in the Supreme Court if enough justices can hang around for a few more years.

Candidates, such as Barack Obama, who can pull votes from all demographics (sure it helped that Keyes is a lunatic, but still, Obama one the largest victory in Illinois senate race history, something close to a 50% margin which was about 20% higher than most early estimates)

Consolidate the few gains & bright spots (California to a degree, Illinois, New Hampshire) and focus on supporting local officials - Texas shows how vital local, state officials are in deciding the ground rules and playing field for national races (gerrymandering meant that the democrats lost lots of house seats)

Try to find ways to protect import national resources, such as wilderness preserves in Alaska, from likely attempts to drill into / destroy them.

Support and if possible fund serious science - California's 3 billion dollar fund for stem cell research is a good thing generaly speaking - but research into critical issue
such as global warming is fairly critical as well.

Attempt to help the remaining Democrats find ways to craft subtle and effect bills or ammendments that can help protect and preserve vital national issues and/or minimize the damage that the Republicans can do - this is likely not easy, but for example Barak Obama here in Illinois was able to get state bills passed in a bi-partisan manner that helped many people - the issue is in how they are framed, presented, and "sold". See also http://www.hopestreetgroup.org for one non-partisan group I work with that works on public policy issues, striving to find ways to work in a bi-partisan manner.

Work with many, many other people to see if there is a way to create a viable, realistic, alterntative to the Democrats and the Republicans (or alterntively and perhaps more realistically, find a way to do a take-under of the Democratic party and shift it completely into a centrist, progressive position.

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