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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Going to be launching a podcast of sorts
So it looks like it will happen, though the details are still being worked out. Sometime later this month I will launch a podcast, probably distributed via ITConversations.

Most likely though I may be on some of the podcasts, my role will be more of a producer than the actual "on air" talent.

Instead, working with a wide network of people, I hope to bring together well informed and interesting interviews and discussions with people who are working on shaping the new political agenda for the 21st century. With my own personal leanings being what they are, this will definitely be from a generally centrist point of view - but I hope to include and hear from people on the left and the right (and who don't easily fit either label).

Much of this will probably be informed by Hope Street Group however it may be done in partnership with some other organizations as well.

My personal goals for this are multifold - in large part it is to hear these conversations, to learn from the leaders and thinkers who will, I hope, be shaping the political future of the country (and thus to a degree the world) in the near future. As well, I hope that by making long form interviews with them available, but in chunks that are digestible, easy to listen to and "useful" to listen to, that we will also help attract new people to great ideas and movements.

This is not the business world where sharing an idea may risk it - indeed, in this world, I hope the most successful ideas can and are those which get widely shared, which become a framing part of the conversation - the common way people think about and choose around a specific issue.

The "right" in this country has for the past decade or so especially had relatively clear and well defined framing ideas. Though the Republican party itself is, perhaps, divided into separate camps (roughly those who have economic loyalty to the Republicans and those who have social agenda loyalty) in contrast the Democrats have frequently be defined by the negative "we're not them" and a wide range of specific issues, less overall framing ideas and visions. The center (where I put myself) gets pulled by both parties, but also hold fundemental disagreements with each - for myself on social issues (and increasingly some financial ones) with Republicans, some international relations, trade, and generally labor issues with the Democrats.

So in the podcast, which will need a "catchy" name, I hope to bring together voices that at present may only be known by a small set of "insiders" and expose them - give them a forum to present their views and policies but also constrain them, this is not to be a sound bite, 30 seconds or less, but neither is it to be a lecture. Rather it is to be less than 30 minutes perhaps even as short as 15 minutes. If the ideas and issues are truly complex and rich (and interesting) then I may look at breaking up an interview into multiple parts. The main framing "idea" is to provide digestible feeds of voices around the framing of public policy in new and innovative ways - but in ways that can (and we hope will) be heard and listended to.

Supporting the podcast will, I hope, be papers, policy positions, blog(s), discussions, and many other things - all leading from conversation to ideas to discussion to we hope implementation.

If you read this and have suggestions for me (really us), please comment here or share them with me privately.

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