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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scripting News: 5/19/2005
Scripting News: 5/19/2005

Dave Winer is calling for the reinvention of the radio DJ, though he doesn't recognize that.

Tod Maffin is a fantastic source for new podcasts. We ought to organize this better. Somehow we built a centralized system, and we already know that centralized systems suck the life out of communities. How can I ask this question. Tod, I have an hour to spare. What should I listen to? Or alternatively, let's say I want to give Tod my Tuesday walk-time. Every Tuesday he's got something good for me to hear. He had to make a gut-wrenching decision because there are really 18 things he knows I should hear, but I'm only giving him one hour per week. I have six other days. Who else should I give a day to?

Ummm Dave - that's radio. A DJ (or station programmer) fills an hour with what they think you would like to listen to. In a podcast manner it is time-shifted but otherwise how is this different from a radio show? (or for that matter from what Adam Curry is doing with the "podshow" on Sirus?

I see podcasting as something different. I program my own radio via podcasts - at some point in the day I fill my iPod (a 512 M shuffle in my case) with those shows I want to listen to - typically a mix of speakers/talk with music shows, with the occasional "other" (cubscast for my daily dose of sports talk and news, KOMO news for short blurbs of topical news, etc)

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