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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some hints on the Stripping of Wallpaper
I wrote this as a response to a FreeCycle offer I made for some leftover wallpaper stripping supplies, I post it here in the hope that it will help someone else as well.

Well we mostly followed the instructions but a few things we found:

- the spray bottle while good in theory didn't work as well in practice as we might have liked - better for many areas was a paintbrush (we used the DEF gel, diluting it for a second coat)

- scoring with the paper tiger definitely helped - as did getting off the first outer layer(s) to the extent that they would peel off dry

- a large brush and washcloth, used in conjunction with each other worked extremely well to get off the final layer of glue, though it helped having someone rince off each frequently

- for the stripping a good scrapper helped considerably (we ended up with three different styles, the best/most effective being ones with razer blades though you have to be careful not to damage the walls) but we also found that an old metal spatula worked very well for the well soaked layers of paper, often better than the stiffer blades.

- we also used latex gloves but still found that the frequent soaking in water left our hands fairly raw after the stipping of paper

Hope this helps,


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Yeah keeping the wallpaper wet for the period of time you are stripping it is the key. I used Wallwik wallpaper stripping with good success; it's available online only in the UK.

You need to score the wallpaper, apply the sheets for 20 minutes, then it's just a case of removing the Wallwik sheets and the wallpaper comes off with it. I removed 5 layers in one go this way.

I don't envy anyone who has to strip wallpaper :| , but wanted to share my milage for those facing this task... :D

/Jane B
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