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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Rain, sun, rain.

Hot. Cold. Hot.

Chicago is a city at the moment with weather with mental defects, weather that does not know the season, or if it does, weather that does not care whether it is consistant. Sure it is anthropromorpisizing (sp?) but here in hicago you fell as if you must when it comes to the weather. Today, like yesturday it is cold here in Chicago. Two days ago it was hot, yesturday I did not wear a jacket thinking that it would be warm. I was wrong.

Today I wore a jacket, but forgot my umbrella and in any case, my jacket is not quite heavy enough.

The office is quiet at the moment, not many people here, and most of my work for the past few days has been online and virtual - somehow it feels less real, but the conversations, sales pitches, emails, and job leads are very real, just not very loud.

I owe a present to my sister for her birthday tomorrow, will be shopping for it tonight and mailing it tomorrow, I talked to her the other day so she knows basically what I will be getting her, and knows that it will probably be a bit late. She and her boyfriend, are, like all of my family, very good cooks and quite into cooking. So for her birthday I will be sending her some really good spices from a great local store (The Spice House) and I will be looking for a mortar and pestle there as well, one large enough for the preparation of sauces such as pesto.

For my birthday I think she may be putting together a sample cd with music I should be listening to, she has much better tastes in music than I do - so I will enjoy her suggestions. I tend to listen to almost anything and generally mostly the radio, only rarely do I buy a cd, let alone listen to one. Not sure what else, if anything she will send me for my birthday, but it is fun to communicate with my sister as an adult to an adult (okay, okay we've both been adults for years... but hey better now than never...)

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