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Searching for the Moon
by Shannon Clark

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Sailing the night away

Last night a business partner of mine invited me to join him on his son's boat. He invited me at just after 5, we were to meet at his condo building and then drive up to the harbor. I left work early, and managed to join him only a few minutes late (as it turned out this was not a problem). I ate a not-so-good hamburger from Burger King so as to have had at least some food, my lunch was small.

We drove up to the harbor and met up with his sons, they told us to go get a drink and they would call us when the boat was ready, they had stuff to clean up before we could launch.

So we went the "Yacht Club" and got a drink and talked for a while about business. The "club" was not what I had envisioned, looked more like a community center than a fancy club, fake leather couchs, flimsy tables and stacking chairs, a bar out of the 1970's and a food serving area from the same era (they have food available apparently, not very appetizing looking however). Somewhat strange environment, with the photos of old greying men on the walls (the "commondantes" I think).

However it was a productive business meeting, as I suspected that it would be.

Finally we got on the boat - after a small scare when my cell phone came tumbling down as I was getting on, luckily it landed on the boat and not in Lake Michigan.

The boat itself was very impressive, it was over 30 feet long, sleeps 5, with a cabin area big enough to stand up in, and tons of little nooks and crannies to store stuff. In fact, on of my business partner's sons who owns the boat will be taking it on his honeymoon - he and his wife will sail it down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and then on to Florida, they plan on living and working in Florida for a while (living on the boat) and then plan in about a year or so on sailing up the coast, through the St. Lawerence river and then down the Great Lakes back to Chicago (assuming that they don't just find someplace to stay and live).

Sailing was very cool, and very fun. Especially since as I was in the company of three experienced sailors, all I did was sit and look back at the Chicago Skyline, or at the many other boats out on the lake enjoying the weather and the evening.

Some boats were racing, forming lines of sailboats, all of the same size and basic shape, moving across the horizon.

All in all, not a bad way to spend an evening at all - not very "productive" as such, but certainly a lot of fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and freeing. I hope I get invited back before the long journey begins (though my partner's other son also has another boat, albiet a slightly smaller one, which is currently docked on land - so even when this big boat leaves town they will probably have a boat in the water.

My life is picking up speed it seems - more stuff to do, more people to do it with, and more interesting stuff at that. Bodes well for the rest of the summer. My next big "thing" is getting a group together to watch the fireworks here in Chicago on the 3rd, and probably to first listen to the free concerts in the park and partake in the massive amounts of food available at the Taste of Chicago. All activities much more enjoyable with a big group - my current plan is to meet up with one group of people and grab space on the lawn - then people can go get food and drink in smaller groups and reassemble, as well, people who arrive late can phone somoene's cell (probably mine) and learn where we are camped out - should be fun whether I get a few friends or dozens of friends and friends of friends.

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