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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Bloki weblog for mindecos
Bloki weblog for mindecos

I've been a participant for a while now in MindEcos, here is the newest site related to MindEcos, this looks to become the primary home for MindEcos for the near term at least.

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Monday, July 28, 2003

Traders and plans
or changes but not bad

(a quick note to myself - Bob Hope died yesterday. I was and am a huge "classic radio" fan, I grew up without a television and unlike my contempories grew up listening to performances on the radio (or tapes of radio shows) so Bob Hope's passing is for me a passing of an era, there are not many stars of classic radio left. And yes, I know that most of the rest of the world remembers Bob Hope for movies, USO shows, and TV shows but for me he and George Burns and other stars of that era are remembered for their radio roles. I only heard a small sampling of their shows, and only at odd hours on the radio growing up, not like people who grew up back in the 20's, 30's, and 40's (and even a bit of the 50's) when radio stations published schedules, and people arranged their day by the radio shows. Now it may almost be impossible to find a radio station schedule, let alone one that lists all of the radio stations in a given area and the "shows" that they broadcast, in many ways Radio is a dying medium)

This weekend I discovered the joys of Trader Joes.

And, to make it even better, Sunday night I was able to share that joy with the woman I care about. She unexpectedly was able to join me for dinner, so we tried a wine and a pasta sauce from Trader Joes. The verdict so far, very good!

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Caring about Thinking
Caring about Thinking

Andrius' current blog - when I have time I need to catch up on his blog and also add it directly to my links here.

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Friday, July 25, 2003

anil dash - July 25, 2003 : Many Years of Sucking
anil dash - July 25th, 2003: Many Years of Sucking

Have I mentioned before that I like Anil Dash's style?

Very amusing, and all too true.

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My weekend plans
or how much has changed just this month

So, as I sit here late on a Friday afternoon, I am looking around my desk at the office and starting to think about what my plans are for this upcoming weekend. I am going to try to get into the office at somepoint this weekend and clean, the piles of "stuff" near and around my desk are getting too big, and there are books which are here at the office which I would prefer to be at home (my signed copy of American Gods for example), too there are books at home which I would prefer to have easily available here at the office (tech reference works, some business books etc).

Thinking about my home, I think that this weekend my goal will be to attack the chaos which is my bedroom. It is not really that bad, though my wire hangers have some rabbit genes (they keep multiplying). My first goal will be to clear the surfaces of my two desks (one too many probably) and recycle some of the items which are no longer functional (my broken monitor specifically). I will then finish putting the desks together so that they are more functional, and shift all of my office supplies to one of the desks.

The other "desk" I think I will convert at least partially into clothing storage, I think it will let me organize my clothes more effectively, and help me clean up my bedroom closet. I'll then look at moving more of my clothes out of my hall closet and into my bedroom.

This may take a while, but the end result will also show me just how much clothing I have that I no longer could imagine wearing (more than I like probably) - I'll donate a large amount of that to a charity and will free up space for other purposes. (thinking ahead to the future, I now may have a very important purpose - having some room for someone else's clothes, at least a change of them... that's such a cool thought to have).

If I get really ambitious, I'll also attack my other closets this weekend. The linen closet in my bathroom would not be a huge project, mostly a lot of folding and trying to figure out something to use to solve the small items getting buried by the big ones problems (i.e. how do I store sheets with pillowcases, or towels with hand towels without losing something, and still also store my extra comforters etc?)

The other major project in front of me is my living room, but that probably requires a second person to help move some of the pieces, so that probably will wait until next weekend when I could have help with the furniture moving... (and other things).

All in all much of my weekend plan is to keep myself busy, to get more of my home in order, to catch up on my reading (more new books keep coming in than I have been finishing books) and to probably try to get some writing done as well, though most likely non-fiction stuff for JigZaw not fiction.

I'm alone this weekend, a wedding out of state is the cause, but it feels different, now instead of it being my normal state, it is no longer my default. Now, I can see that future weekends I will have someone to spend time with (and future weeks as well) - though how much and doing what will vary it is clear that my past months (or even years) of eating most meals alone, of not doing much because it mostly was better with someone else are no longer my normal state.

We're still working out the language, it is all something pretty new for both of us, for now and into the future, we're just going with it, enjoying each moment we have together.

Unlike all of my past, however, this feels amazingly comfortable. I call her, she calls me, we both are clearly interested in spending time with each other. In the past I've never been sure entirely of that. In the past I've often felt that I had to do the asking, the planning, but also that one mistake on my part could ruin everything. With this, it feels much more comfortable, for one, we are both adults and that certainly helps, but more it feels very mutual, we both want to be with the other.

It is really wonderful. It is also, slightly scary but in an entirely good way.

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Economist.com | Illinois's Senate seat
Economist.com | Illinois's Senate seat

I met Mr. Kathuria last night, and other than being a Republican he seems a viable candidate. I'm hoping to meet with him in the upcoming months and learn more about him, both his business and political interests. If he is truly a fiscal conservative, but not also a social conservative, he would be a marked improvement to our current senator, Peter Fitzgerald. And a Republican, I must unfortantly say, likely has a better chance of being elected than a Democrat in a state wide election here in Illinois.

That said, I would also like to see someone such as Mr. Kathuria elected, especially from someplace like Illinois which may be viewed as "traditional" - it would be a striking statement. Mt. Kathuria's international business interests and high tech focus certainly bias me in his favor, I'll see if I can agree with the rest of his political positions.

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I, Cringely | The Pulpit - Snapster suggestion
I, Cringely | The Pulpit

Interesting idea from Robert Cringely about a possible legal version of Napster with a potentially viable business model.

I think there are some serious flaws to his model, and some potential legal challenges (for example, it is not clear to me that "backup" copies can legally be distributed around to a high degree, nor that charging for them is completely legal - but the business model makes some intuitive sense.

Further, there are some other serious issues.

1. Why "must" the model be publically traded? Intuitively I would think that a co-op model, which also has shares might work as well (though potentially less profitibaly)

2. How do you determine that someone is a shareholder? (and how do you maintain them as that - if the shares are publically held they can easily sell them, however if the shares are not publically held and the only buyer of the shares it the company itself (the coop model) then this problem goes away.

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Salon.com Sex | Craving an oasis
Salon.com Sex | Craving an oasis

A bit wordy (okay, very wordy) but also an important illustration of a point I have tried many times to make to people.

(especially in technical discussions where people insist that they can define all the ways to view and manage data - read this and think about the infinite ways you can interact with the world to see why I disagree with the view of trying to predict all future interactions)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Bridges and steelworkers
or small sights in the big city

Today has been an odd day. The weather is a bit chilly and the air feels heavy with impending rain, though so far at least, the rain has not arrived.

On my morning bus ride into the Loop for a business meeting, the bus I was on was rerouted, the street ahead of us was closed to traffic. As we approached, I saw why, the bridge, one of the many drawbridges ringing Chicago's Loop was up.

The bus rerouted to a nearby street and crossed on an adjacent bridge, we then turned and returned to the regular route. As we turned, I saw a very unusual sight, the underside of one half of the bridge.

For, you see, just the one half was up in the air, the other half was still lowered across the river. So, unlike a normal bridge opening, when one half blocks your view of the other, this morning I got to see the underbelly of the bridge. A very interesting sight indeed to start the day.

Then, as I entered the offices where my business meeting was, I saw another very unusual and cool sight. Across the street was a high rise building in the midst of being built. This morning, perched on huge steel girders, at nearly the height of the offices I was enterering, were steelworkers rather casually smoking and sitting on the girders taking a short break from their day's labors.

It was nearly exactly like a photo from the early part of the last century, two steelworkers straddling mighty girders perched high above the street. It looked much like a very famous photo I have seen of the building of the Empire State building.

All in all a rather interesting start to the day, and a strong arguement to myself that very soon I need to get a digital camera which I can carry with me at all times to capture such moments.

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Cookies, Curry, Markets
oh my

So, this weekend was all about the food. I read a fair bit, had a nice visit with my family on Sunday and spent Sunday afternoon on a sales call. But mostly, this weekend was all about the food.

Friday, I made a salad and ate it with with a chicken and apple sausage and some leftover applesauce. Very tasty. Then, instead of going out by myself on a Friday night, I decided to bake, don't ask me why, but I did.

So, I took some dried pears and dried apricots which I had laying around and rehydrated them in some water over low heat on my stove. While they were rehydrating, I made some dough, modifying a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I took a couple of cups of flour, some brown sugar, 2 eggs, about a half-cup of sugar, cinnimon, and a half-stick of butter (the recipe called for a full stick, but that seemed excessive. I melted the butter and the brown sugar in a saucepan and then poured it into the already mixxed ingrediants. I then mixxed the dough until it "felt right" (hard to explain). I heated the oven to 375 degrees, greased a cookie pan with butter and shaped cookies. On top of each cookie I put a dried pear and at least one dried apricot (on a few cookies just apricots as I ran out of pears). I sprinkled some confectionary sugar on top to form a sugar glaze.

I then baked them for about 20 minutes, cleaning up the kitchen while they baked.

My verdict. Well they are tasty, possibly a bit too thick (may roll them thinner next time) and some baking soda probably would have been a good addition. I'll probably try this again, possibly next weekend.

Saturday, I shopped at the farmer's market, and then returned home and made myself breakfast, fried eggs, some sausage, and half an English muffin toasted on the same pan as the eggs were fried. Very tasty.

Then Saturday evening, I made Chicken Curry. Not my best curry ever but pretty tasty - about a pound of chicken (legs and thighs with bones and skin), a can of potatoes, tomato paste, coconut milk, and lots of spices. First I started with onions and some hot peppers and a bit of oil, cooked until translusent. Then I added some garlic, and the chiicken. Onto the chicken I added powdered ginger, cinnimon, and curry powder. After the chicken had cooked a bit on all sides and was nicely coated with spices. I added the tomato paste, a few tablespoons of canned Thai Red Curry paste, the coconut milk and the potatos. I then turned down the heat to medium and let the whole mixture simmer (covered) while I boiled water to make my starch for the meal, Chinese egg noodles.

The result was very tasty, though a bit milder then some previous versions I have made and the potatos were only so-so - would have been better to use the potatos from the farmer's market but I didn't feel up to the prep work to do that.

I ate the curry with a little bit of hot mango chutney or a bit of Thai chili sauce - both tasted great with it.

Sunday, I had a barbeque with my parents for lunch, we had great hamburgers and corn on the grill, freshly purchased by me at the Farmer's Market on Saturday - very good. Sunday night I had more of the Chicken curry with a small portion of Chinese egg noodles and one leftover ear of corn.

All-in-all a good weekend from a food standpoint, and a lot of fun to be able to cook and enjoy my kitchen again. Though I missed having someone to share my cooking with.

Tonight I'll probably have a small salad with some greens and veggies from the farmer's market, and finish off the chicken curry and the egg noodles. Since there is not a whole lot of the chicken curry left, I may also have one remaining Chicken and Apple sausage - should be a very tasty meal, which I will eat while doing a number of loads of laundry (I live such an exciting life...)

Tomorrow night I'll be meeting friends (well at least one very particular friend....) for a movie in Grant Park. Other than my remaining cookies, I'm not sure what else will be my contribution to the potluck dinner we'll probably be having.

It feels good to be enjoying cooking at home, and to have somoene to cook with and for. I still have more to finish in terms of cleaning and organizing my home, but I am making a lot of progress. This weekend I managed to sort some of my books into a bit more semblance of order - which feels good, though there is much more work to be done.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Yahoo! News - Sao Tome Government Overthrown While President Away
Yahoo! News - Sao Tome Government Overthrown While President Away

Small news item, but potentially very important. San Tome is one of the few major, mostly untapped oil rich countries in the world. Potentially there is enough wealth in the oil around San Tome to cattapult the few citizens from their current dire poverty (<$250/year average earnings) into some of the richest people in the world. Billions of barrels of oil, about 150,000 citizens - do the math.

It is also a country which has been discussed as possible location for a US military base, it is off the coast of Africa, near to but not a part of Nigeria, and would be a possible logical base of operations for the US, as well as fairly important area likely to face increasing pressure from nearby countries (especially Nigeria).

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anil dash - "upon the demoise of Netscape"
anil dash - archives

Anil Dash wrote earlier today proposing that Google fund Mozilla. I think this is quite possibly a great idea.

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Flowers on the table
or what you can do in one very busy evening

My kitchen is clean.

Okay, that's actually a bit of an understatement, not only is my kitchen clean, it is possibly in the best state it has ever been in the entire time I have lived in my condo.

Last night I accomplished the following:

  • Did all my dishes and put them away

  • Scrubbed floor and all counter surfaces, and santitized them

  • Transformed bookcase from being a hazard in my bedroom into shelving in my kitchen

  • Removed all misc. bags, boxes etc and cleaned my kitchen table

  • Cleaned all surfaces, including the top of my refrigerator, doors, walls etc.

  • Took frequently used food and cooking items out of random places and onto shelves on bookcase!

In short, I have nearly the kitchen that I want, now I have just smaller little tasks to do to make it perfect.

  • Replace some burnt out lightbulbs above sink

  • Add papertowel holder, probably mounted someplace near sink

  • Sort through all current kitchen items, throw out or donate unneeded items

  • Replenish long term supplies, especially spices

  • Get appliances repaired (leak in dishwasher, small annoyances with stove, possible cooling problem with fridge)

  • Remove or coverup really ugly wall paper

  • Replace cabinet fixings (hinges and handles) with more modern look

I'm sure as the summer continues I'll think of other items which I need, but I now have a great starting point.

Last night I also cleaned my dining room table, removed the leaf from the table to bring it back to a more useable scale for my living room, set up my chess table in a place where it may actually get used, dusted my living room, put up shelves on another bookcase to store the books previously in my bedroom, cleaned in my bedroom as a result of moving the books, and found some items buried away in my closet. I also bought some wine for tonight's dinner.

Tonight I'll have a guest over for dinner, this morning I bought flowers at the farmer's market, they are now on the dining room table. I also bought a loaf of bread fresh from the oven, and some ingrediants for our salad. On my way home this evening I'll pick up some candles and probably pick up a meat dish (though I may wait until she joins me and together we'll buy something from the grocery store across the street).

It feelds amazing to have my home in shape to have a guest over for dinner, I suspect I'll being doing this more and more often.

My next project is my living room, I have finished for the most part with my dining area, though there are some small further things that I want to do. Next I will be moving one of my big bookcases across the room, building (or buying) a tv/stereo stand, dealing with the still too large pile of unsorted boxes of papers and other items, putting together the chair currently in pieces, and dealing with my current futon (I've seen identical ones available now for about $100 - might be the way to go until I can get the couch I really want...)

With the living room finished, I'll turn to three other major projects. My bedroom and the at least one too many desks which I have in there at the moment (can I transform one of them into clothing storage? This thought just occured to me, possibly one of them with the right boxes/shelf storage devices might work for storing much of my clothes!). My closets, both getting rid of the hangers which keep multipliying, getting rid of clothes which no longer fix and I no longer wear (or would want to wear), and organizing the storage spaces in them. This includes my linen closet in the bathroom, my two clothing closets in the hall and in my bedroom, and the "misc" closet in my front hall - the later being the biggest project of them all. The third project is related to the second, it is going through the contents of my front hall closet, paring them down where possible, and making them useful - i.e. getting my golf items available, my photographic items available, my bike repaired and stored effectively, the many unneeded boxes, broken items etc thrown away (or donated) and shelves installed and put together.

Then when the dust literally settles, I'll take out of storage my art items and display them!

It is looking very possible by the end of the summer.

(I have to thank Bravo for the show which I watched much of last night, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" - lots of fun and somehow inspiring as I cleaned. It features five gay men transforming one straight man - improving his grooming, his fashion, his cooking, and his living area - with rather phenomenal transformations all done in a single day! Lots of fun, great banter, and good inspiration as I was cleaning and transforming my home.)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

BlogCoop continued
To continue and elaborate a bit from my previous post.

I have had a chance to exchange some emails with Mark Covey about BlogCoop and he has answered a few of my questions/concerns. First, his idea is to vary the compensation from the ownership stake - i.e. while all owners will be "equal", compensation will not be (or at least need not be).

I think this is more workable, but raises a number of interesting questions and concerns, it is also not in some ways all that radical of a new thing. Further, it is different than current day Co-ops. In the Co-ops of which I am a member, all members are equal in some regards - i.e. getting the same benefits of ownership such as discounts, access to services etc. BUT each member is a shareholder, there is a minimum investment required to join, but then voting and some financial benefits (dividends) are paid out in proportion to the number of shares which you own - i.e. some owners have more votes and get bigger dividends.

The two co-ops which I am a member of are a grocery coop and a bookstore coop here in Chicago. I have not been an active member of either for the past few years as I no longer live really near either store, but I am still a member. In each case there is a financial benefit tied to one's usage of the stores - i.e. a discount returned at the end of the year based on that year's purchases. There is also a dividend paid to all shareholders when there is a profit (frequently paid in stock if you like).

A key difference between a share based co-op and a more typical corporation is that generally a co-op is not publically traded, and the shares are not easily trandferable, that said, the co-op itself is obligated to buy back your shares (generally after some initial limit, usually after holding them for at least one year).

The Blogcoop model suggests that all "owners" will be equal - i.e. will have the same vote (or votes depending on the system used) and will get the same benefits of membership/ownership except crucially for compensation.

In contrast, "compensation" for the two co-ops I am a member of is handled like any other business, the employees are paid a salary which comes out of the earnings of the business. The members share in the profits and recieve discounts or other benefits from membership (bulk purchasing, special orders, monthly sales etc.). Crucially you do not have to be a member of either business to do business with the business - i.e. the members get profits on the sales of goods (and sometimes services) to non-members, as well as the "profit" on sales to members. This is a crucial element in growing a long term successful business, having a source of outside of the group resources.

In any case an interesting idea which I have shared with a number of the groups I am actively involved in. I look forward to their reactions and to seeing how the idea grows.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

The Blog Cooperative - BlogCoop.com
The Blog Cooperative - BlogCoop.com

While I have some serious questions about this model for business - mostly in that I do not think that all people are equal when you are talking business - perhaps (and I mostly agree with this) a good position for representative government, but even there you usually do not have literally "all people are equal".

Rather, in any democracy there is usually some minimums set around what a "person" is - i.e. usually a "citizen of the country", a "resident of the local area", above a certain age, having taken action to indicate an interest in participating (i.e. registering to vote).

Further, typically voting is a right, not a requirement, and as a right is something which the society can and does take away (i.e. in the US, people convicted of a felony often lose the right to vote as well).

Thus, even in politics it is not "all people are equal" - but rather, it is a group of people to which any particular individual may (or may not) belong, then within that group all people have the same number of votes (typically one on any given issue, though this is not the case in some methods of voting) and all votes are of the same type and value.

In the corporate world, for example, this is not always the case. Some stock holders can have different types of stock which grant different voting rights (or none at all in some cases).

More crucially, I have a philosophical problem with an economic system (which a business, even a co-op should be at some level almost by definition) which does not contain a recognition that contributions towards results will differ, and does not provide incentives and structures to support people of different abilities, interests, needs, and goals.

I can and do see a value to supporting the members of a business who are not directly producing revenue, however, everyone in a business should contribute towards the business, over time if more is taken out of a business than the business pulls in, the business will soon cease to be.

There are usually people in any business whose contributions are not readily apparent - that is, they are not immediately delivering more revenue than they are costing the company. Some of these people are truly excess and in many cases the company would be better off either redeploying them or firing them, however many of these people are involved in longer term aspects of the business. Some in setting up the infrastructure and underpinnings for the business, others in research into the future of the company, and others by helping the company avoid risks in the future (this last category can be the hardest at times to see the return - in the best case their work is never fully tested, they manage to contain and minimize the risk. Good illustrations of this might be cases where the risks in a business were poorly managed, resulting in cases such as Barings Bank which declared bancruptcy).

Thus, when it comes to business ventures I want to be careful that the businesses I get involved in are ones where I can see both how I can contribute, how the business with get revenue, and that my share of that revenue and future profits will bear some understandable relationship to my contributions. I know that I can be very active, that I can provide very useful and valuable insights and work, and that in the past I have worked on projects where my personal return was vastly lower than that of the company. (i.e. one case where I personally brought into the company about 10x my salary)

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Friday, July 11, 2003

An Ongoing, Erratic Diary - discussion of marriage
Discussion of Marriage

This is a very interesting post by Mary Anne, and more so, a very interesting ongoing discussion about marriage, the role of the state, and non-traditional relationships. I'm linking to this so that I have a personal link to it for future reference.

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Cryptic still but smiling
or the weekend's looking good

So, this weekend I have a number of things to accomplish, some small, and a few very personally important. On the small front, I plan on continueing my ongoing battle with being a bachelor - i.e. more cleaning, this weekend the plan is to attack my kitchen - clean and sort all dishes and pots (including the ones gathering dust in my cubboards). If I get really ambitious I'll go thru my shelves and refrigerator, organize my current stocks, throw out or donate stuff I doubt I'll get around to using, and restock on the basics (peppercorns, flour, sugar, pasta, ketchup, fresher spices, soy sauce, etc - been a while since I replenshed some supplies).

That's my plan for Saturday during the day - attack my kitchen with a vengance and hope to get it to a very respectable state.

If I get really ambitious, I'll also attack one of the other minor challenges in my apartment - the bookcase in my bedroom which has developed a suggestive tendancy to tilt outward towards my bed. My thought at the moment is to put up the shelves in my second bookcase purchased from Stars Our Destination's store closing sale, and move those books (as well as my remaining couple of boxes of stored books to those shelves. With that done, I'll see if the bookcase will function better on a flat surface than on its current carpeting - if so, perhaps I'll put it into my kitchen (see above) which desperately needs more storage! (just thought of this, could work really well - score one for blogging one's thoughts).

Finally, then I'll continue to attack the "random boxes" - i.e. the boxes which have my assorted papers and misc. items from years of living, old school papers, writings, and many other random items - I've whittled the pile down considerably, but more work needs to be done.

Next weekend, the goal is to attack some of the bigger items - my extra desk, my delapidated futon, the office chair at my house which needs to be moved to my office etc.

I'll also do my now weekly vacumning of my living room and bedroom, as well as continue the challenge of cleaning a bachelor's bathroom (now I'm working on cleaning the brass elements etc, the big items have been cleaned, though the linen closet could stand some resorting to put all the pillowcases with the right sheets etc.)

Reading this, you might wonder, why this sudden change... a small hint, still cryptic, but more details coming soon I'm sure. Saturday night, I won't be cleaning, and I won't be sitting in Starbucks reading...

And just the thought makes me smile.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Somethings make more sense now
still cryptic I'm afraid, bear with me

Today I read a lot of articles online, some of it (well most of it) was for work, but some of it was periodic breaks to relax.

After last weekend, articles which would have been somewhat theoretical and even nonsensical suddenly seemed more real and relevant.

I like this.

Especially a short article I read which seems in part to mirror my own life, in a way unimaginable just a week ago (well a bit longer than a week ago to be very precise). I am still productive at work, though not perhaps as productive as I would otherwise be, but to, I have no complaints.

I hope this lasts. I think it will.

I find myself smiling and apparently I also nod my head up and down, not vigorously mind you, just slightly. I have little butterflies in my stomach, "beautiful ones" however I'm sure. I'm certain that this is not how I'll be forever, but for now it is not just how I am, but how I want to be.

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Make your own movie...
or silliness will prevail

Well, here are the results from my first attempt at the Chuklehound "Make your own movie" Oracle

Mate Trix (R)
Starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez
Also Featuring Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Thora Birch
Directed by Cameron Crowe
Screenplay by Cameron Crowe and Philip K. Dick

Projected Budget Range: $50-59 Million
Planned Release Date: May

Projected Box Office Receipts:
$11.87 million (Opening Weekend)
$57.46 million (Total Domestic Gross)

Chance of getting Oscar Nomination: 7%
Chance of winning at least one Oscar: 3%

Critic Most Likely to Praise: Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
Critic Most Likely to Skewer: Chris Gore, Film Threat

I did say silliness didn't I?

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Monday, July 07, 2003

InfoWorld: Tim O'Reilly: Software licenses don't work: July 03, 2003: By : Application Development
article of interview with Tim O'Reilly

I pretty much agree with O'Reilly's points, and have to think about this interview pretty deeply in terms of how it impacts my company and thoughts.

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The best weekend.
at least up until now, future weekends seem likely to be very good

This will be cryptic.

Picnic lunch, Oz, fresh multi-colored tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella.

Giggling girls in the background, gladdly ignored.

That cute little spot on her nose.

Afternoon interlude.

French for dinner.

Next day.

Concert, rain, concert, more rain.

The rainbow photographed only in our minds.

Though the above may be cryptic, in summary, this was the best weekend I've had in a very, very long time. More later, for now my notes.

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Male (to hold off the assumptions), currently in Chicago, IL.
I am active on many other forums and sites around the Internet. If I am online, feel free to Skype me.
You are also welcome to connect with me on Omidyar Networks on LinkedIn or Ryze.com and my blog on Ecademy or see more about me at MeshForum or my corporate site, JigZaw . I also maintain piecing IT together, as my corporate blog for JigZaw Inc.